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We work as independent intermediaries to create a global marketplace allowing local suppliers to connect with international buyers. In simplistic terms, we allow buyers and sellers to meet and we handle all the necessary obligations required to manoeuvre the seller into a favourable position where they can successfully close the sales agreement with international buyers. Most assuredly, we are here to make things happen for you.

Regardless of what products you manufacture or where you are located on the globe, we can work for you. Whether your sales are only limited to local areas, or you supply your products nationwide, with us you can expand your sales to a global level and reach new markets. We can track down possible markets for your products in suitable foreign markets. We persistently work to identify profitable sales opportunities for your products and do our best to develop effective strategies to empower you to enhance your sales and profit.

We believe in growing with our clients. We only earn when a sale happens. This means that we do not ask you to pay any upfront cost for working with us. We are on a commission only basis and we take our commission only after you have received the payment from the buyer. So, the benefits of working with us are obvious.

We are fully dedicated to helping local businesses find trusted buyers around the world. As an import/export agency, we offer dependable, trustworthy, and proficient services.





Starling Import Export Agency

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